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AutoMath Photo Calculator


AutoMath will give you the answer of any math question by simply taking a photo of it. Automath is a great way to check your homework, study and learn math. Automath even provides mobile tutoring from a live tutor to help you understand any math subject.****Handwritten questions are currently not supported but they will be soon****
AutoMath Photo Calculator Features:- Quick and Accurate Answers + Steps- Step by step solutions for easy learning- No internet required- Smart Calculator with Graphing and Tables- Can solve simple to advanced math questions- 250+ Mathematical Functions
AutoMath Photo Calculator Currently supports:Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Division, Inequalities, Powers, Polynomials, Linear Equations,Square Roots, Trigonometry, Algebra, Simplification, and Basic Algorithms
AutoMath Smart Text Calculator supports: (photo math calculator not yet available for most of the below)Any other math problems such as calculus, equation systems, complex math, graphing, table of values, and more
AutoMath now includes a Pocket Math Tutor - 24/7 Answers & Steps to all your math problems (including math word problems). Your first question is free.
Please Note:Your very first photo will copy data files which will take longer then normal. After the initial photo it will be a lot quicker.
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